German Water Technologies. Safe tap water. Everywhere. Anytime.

We eliminate waterborne diseases and …make the world a better place!

This vision is our motivation.

How it Works

Solar powered, no chemicals and no running costs! We use state of the art technology called INTEWA. To learn more about our water disinfection system [click here]

Who we are

In a world where the simple act of turning on a tap can be a matter of life or death; we stand as hope amidst the pain of waterborne illness and contamination.

For too long, communities across the globe have suffered the silent torment of unsafe water. Families torn apart by illness. Children robbed of their innocence. Dreams shattered by diseases which could have been preventable. But in the face of adversity, we refuse to accept the status quo. We refuse to stand idly by while millions suffer needlessly.

Our story is not just one of innovation or industry; We aim to eradicate the burden of water concerns. We refuse to accept the tragic loss of children due to contaminated water. We're committed to empowering communities with access to safe water through our machines. We offer the solution to eradicate cholera. We enable families to secure a sustainable income by selling clean water. 

And finally, we strive to demonstrate to authorities that providing safe drinking water is achievable, even in rural areas. Our success in ensuring safe tap water in Europe proves it's possible elsewhere, in Africa, Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and Latin America. We are GWT, we eliminate waterborne diseases and make the world a better place! This vision is our motivation.

We are sure that this will come true, and we want to do our best to create this vision faster. We want to minimize or even delete water-based diseases and contribute to a safer, healthier and wealthier world.