Where it works

Public Water Supply

Water towers

The INTEWA system in this water tower is making all the water drinkable. The water is controlled every 10 seconds and INTEWA is adjustng itself automatically on eventually occuring infections.


  • Automatic disinfection without adding chemicals – the chlorine is produced by an electrolysis cell out of the minerals in the water
  • Automatic adjustment of chlorine production through permanent monitoring of the water qualitiy
  • Remote monitoring via integrated GSM module
  • Alarm function to smartphone or control room
  • Only solar energy needed, but also on grid production is possible
  • Automatic residual disinfection according to national laws and WHO reccomendation


Especially for rural areas the INTEWA System is providing important benefits.

Rural Areas often have no access to public water, and the piping costs would be very high. Sometimes the energy supply is not stable or even not available. Therefore people living in rural areas have often no access to disinfected.

The INTEWA system is providing safe, disinfected water in rural areas, where there is no energy available. No chemicals have to be bought and added in, because the disinfectant is produced inside the system out of the minerals in the water itself.

Benefits for rural areas:
  • Fully solar driven water disinfection and operation
  • Automatic disinfection without adding chemicals – the disinfectant is produced by an electrolysis cell out of the minerals in the water
  • Automatic adjustment of chlorine production through permanent monitoring of the water qualitiy
  • Remote monitoring via integrated GSM module
  • Alarm message to smartphones or control center
  • Automatic residual disinfection accordiung drinking water laws

Private or public sector

INTEWA for schools

Eliminate waterborne diseases for children is a very important duty. Children learn how water can be safe and will have a driving motivation for future development.

In addition schools can sell water (in 20 ltr. bottles) and earn some money to top up their budget.

Please feel free to ask us about our current projects and our school solutions: info@germanwatertechnologies.com.

INTEWA for Hotels

To provide safe and disinfected water out of every water tap in the hotel is not only a safety reason, but also a very important marketing advantage.

With the INTEWA hotels not only automatically disinfect from bacteria and viruses automatically, but also get free from Legionella’s. And all this happens fully automatically, without the need to buy chemicals and apply major maintenance.

  • The monitoring solutions allow the hotel guests to check the water quality online.
  • The hotel management can also record the water data for future legal or insurance purposes.
  • With the additional INTEWA bottling system hotels can also produce and bottle their own water.
  • Hotels can also install a decentralized disinfection system,
  • Please ask us more about our hotel solutions.

INTEWA for Hospitals

Hospitals have the biggest need for disinfection, and it is most important to provide residual disinfected water in hospitals, clinics and health stations.

Hospitals know very well about chlorine disinfection, because it is the most effective and most secure disinfection.

  • With the INTEWA hospitals can automatically provide safe, disinfected water out of every water tap.
  • The integrated monitoring allow to controll and record the water quality and other system data
  • The automatic alarm function gives the responsible technicians an immediate alarm, so that everybody can react immediately.


Factories need disinfected drinking water:

  • For the employees, to assure the health and avoid waterborne diseases
  • For the canteens to have residual disinfected tap water to assure the requested hygiene
  • For employee´s motivation by allowing them to bring disinfected water home to their families


INTEWA has almost zero running costs. 
  • The integrated monitoring solution makes it easy to maintain and react.
  • The residual disinfection assures safe water out of every water tap in the company.

Please ask us about our solution for modern, future orientated factories

INTEWA for condominium buildings and appartment blocks

Having the INTEWA system in the condominium building not only upgrades the value of the apartment, it also creates a modern standard for future living.

The possibility of having a safe water monitoring in every apartment creates a new value of living quality.

  • With the INTEWA system the building management can control and monitor the water quality online
  • There is only a minimum of maintenance needs
  • And there is no need to purchase and add chemicals

Please ask us about our condominium building solutions.

INTEWA for private houses and communities

INTEWA in private houses and communities give a better and modern living style.


Whether in private houses or in a community, safe tap water, residually disinfected, is protecting all community members from water based diseases.


Automatically and without the need to add any chemicals.


The monitoring system is allowing every household to check the water quality permanently.


The automatic alarm function will assure that no waterborne diseases are coming through the pipes at any time.


Please ask us to learn more about our community solutions.

INTEWA is automatically controlled and comes without the need to add any chemicals.

INTEWA for religious places and monasteries

Having INTEWA in religious places safe drinking water can be provided to prayers and visitors.

Plastic bottles can be avoided and safe water will flow out of every water tap, automatically disinfected, without the need to buy chemicals. The very easy maintenance assures a permanent production of safe, disinfected water.

Please ask us more about our solutions for religious places.

INTEWA for remote tourist attractions

Remote tourist attractions are frequented by thirsty tourists. For their needs drinking water has to be transported to remote places. With the INTEWA system safe, disinfected drinking water is produced directly on the location.

Not even on grid energy is needed, as INTEWA can be fully powered by solar energy.

  • There are no chemicals needed to add to the water for disinfection.
  • INTEWA is automatically disinfecting the water out of the minerals in the water itself.
  • The integrated monitoring system makes the water quality visible.
  • The integrated GSM module assures that maintenance periods are sent to the responsible maintenance technicians.

Please ask us more about our solutions for remote locations.


  • Breweries
  • Ice factories
  • Food processing industry
  • Golf courses
  • Restaurants
  • Massage parlours
  • Pools, spa and wellness areas
  • Construction and Mining sites
  • And and and…

Disaster and emergency

Stationary systems

Coming soon

INTEWA mobile systems for desasters

Mobile systems can be brought directly to the location where disinfected water is needed. The start to operation time is 30 min, after about 1 hour the fully automatic disinfected water is available.

  • The INTEWA for emergency can be brought by a pick up or a small boat or even by walk to the location. The weight of INTEWA for desaster is about 38 kg.
  • The size of the mobile system for desasters is 80 x 60 x 40 cm, plus the water tank that is needed for the disinfeted water.
  • The power can be provided by the battery of the car or by solar cells.
  • The system is automatically disinfecting the water and assure that there is no infection for the people who need help because of infected water.

INTEWA is avoiding water based deseases in cases of desaster.

Please ask for more information about our mobile disinfection system.